Gas Rifles

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ASG (KWA) MP9 A3 - Black
Replacing the older Steyr TMP, this is a replica of the new MP9 machine pistol made by B&T. ..
Mad Max Shotgun Shorty - Real Wood
Product Details: Name Designation: Mad Max Shotgun Shorty - Real Wood Manufacturer..
Secutor M870 Vellite Gas Shotgun G-VI (Tan)
Velites G·VI Length: 90-98 cm Weight: 3200 g Number of inner barrels: 3 Inner barrel len..
Secutor M870 Vellite Gas Shotgun G-XI (Tan)
Secutor M870 Velites Gas Shotgun G-XI (Tan) The Longest variant of the V-Elite series, the XI is ..
Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun
Marui's latest gas-powered shotgun is based upon Kel-Tec's KSG shotgun and has the ability to fire e..
Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Black - GBB
The is the gas blowback version of the popular MP7A1 replica made by Tokyo Marui. Powered by gr..
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