The Dominator Evolution D.G.I Kit

The Dominator Evolution D.G.I Kit
Product Code: The Dominator Evolution D.G.I Kit
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The Dominator Evolution D.G.I


The D.G.I ( DIRECT GAS INJECTION) will allow you to run your gas powered guns like never before.
The system runs the gun directly from the gas bottle which eliminates the problem of your mag freezing up just when you don’t want it to.
Please remember that it is still a gas system and is still prone to losing pressure but, this can be avoided by keeping the bottle in a pouch and using the gun in a normal manner IE short bursts in auto or just single shots, either way your gun will still preform like never before.
The kit comes in a small jar which contains a flexi gas tube, a quick release coupling for your mag, a set of five valves to suit most Airsoft gas mags and an adapter to fit all gas and propane bottles that are threaded ASG Ultraair, Nuprol 2/3 and 4 tins are all compatible.  When fitting the valve to the bottle, you may to wrap teflon (PTFE) tape around the thread to stop any weeping.

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