Krylon Camouflage Paint - Brown 4292

Krylon Camouflage Paint - Brown 4292
Product Code: Krylon Camouflage Paint - Brown 4292
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Colour of this paint is "Brown 4292".

  • Specialised spray paint for spraying military/airsoft equipment.
  • Use in a combination with other colours to achieve a full camouflage effect.
  • Paint results in an ultra-flat finish for a completely natural look.
  • Made with "Fusion for Plastic" paint technology, allowing the paint to adhere to all kinds of plastic and synthetic surfaces.
  • Works great on all plastics, metal, wood and hard vinyl.
  • Surface does not need to be sanded or primed, just ensure it is clean and dry before spraying.
  • Touch dry in just 15 minutes, fully dry after 60 minutes.
  • Available in five colours, Black 4290, Olive 4292, Khaki/Tan 4291, Brown 4292 and Woodland Light Green 4296.

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