Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEP/AEG

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEP/AEG
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  • Without a doubt the most sought after electric MP7 on the airsoft market.
  • Based upon the renowned MP7A1 model, as used by many security and police forces, including Ireland's Garda√≠.
  • In typical Marui fashion, this machine pistol is extremely well made with high quality materials used throughout and fantastic accuracy out of the box.
  • Primarily made from a high quality ABS plastic, which mimic the polymer of the real-steel, with lots of metal parts.
  • Very solid with a nice weight for a relatively small machine pistol, coming in at 1.7kg.
  • Metal parts include the barrel, trigger, selectors, front and rear sight and 20mm rails.
  • Authentic weight and size as the real model.
  • Pulling back on the charging handle opens the ejection port, exposing the adjustable hop-up unit.
  • Selectable safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • Features a great rate of fire, well over 600rpm.
  • A fully retractable stock allows you to make the MP7 much shorter in just a matter of seconds. 
  • Comes with a 50 round low-capacity magazine, however higher capacity magazines are available in our Magazines section.
  • A fantastic secondary weapon for snipers.
  • Fires at: 270fps
  • Weighs: 1690g
  • Length: 385mm
  • Battery & charger: Not included

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