CYMA G18C AEP Li-Po/Mosfet Model - 2019 Version

CYMA G18C AEP Li-Po/Mosfet Model - 2019 Version
Product Code: CYMA G18C AEP Li-Po/Mosfet Model - 2019 Version
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  • This is the latest 18C from CYMA, which incorporates a 7.4V Li-Po battery and mosfet straight from the factory, giving this popular AEP a long needed bump in performance.
  • 1:1 size as the real 18C model, made primarily from tough ABS plastic, with full metal internal gearbox and components.
  • The mosfet gives a snappier trigger response and cuts down on trigger contact wear.
  • Selectable semi and fully automatic fire via the slide mounted selector switch.
  • Safety switch located on the right side of the frame.
  • The latest AEP gearbox from CYMA now has metal bushings for long lasting performance and optimal gear shimming.
  • The gun includes a 90rd speed loader for loading the included 30rd magazine.
  • Also includes a clever USB Li-Po charger. Simply plug one end of the cable into the balance lead on the battery and the other end into a regular USB port and the battery will charge in approx one hour.
  • The charger shows red with a flashing green light whilst charging and extinguishes the red light when finished charging.
  • NOTE: As with all li-po batteries, they should not be fully discharged. As soon as you detect a drop in performance or rate of fire, you must stop using the gun and charge the battery. Fully depleting the battery can prevent the charger from recharging it or potentially damaging the battery, which is not covered under warranty.
  • There is no official specification on the battery but we estimate 700-800mAh.
  • Fires at: 230fps
  • Weighs: 602g
  • Length: 190mm

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