King Arms M79 Sawed-Off Grenade Launcher

King Arms M79 Sawed-Off Grenade Launcher
Product Code: King Arms M79 Sawed-Off Grenade Launcher
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  • This stand alone grenade launcher from King Arms is an incredible piece of kit that oozes quality.
  • This M79 sawed-off grenade launcher is the mini version of the legendary M79 grenade launcher. 
  • The shortend barrel and stock, and the folding ladder-style leaf-type rear sight is removed to help to maintain better maneuverability for close quarters or any other situations. 
  • Full metal build with real wood hand-grip. 
  • Trigger guard can be rotated either to the left or right side.
  • The barrel release is located at the top of the launcher and once moved to the side, hinges the barrel upwards allowing the insertion of any standard M203 40mm grenade.
  • Has a quick-detach rear sling point included.
  • Pull the trigger with a loaded grenade inserted and you will be greeted with a very loud bang and a cloud of green gas!
  • A very cool piece of kit.
  • Weighs in at a just over 1kg unloaded.
  • 350mm in length making for a nice compact launher.

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