King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver - Electroplating Black 6"

King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver - Electroplating Black 6"
Product Code: King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver - Black 6"
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  • Note that these models have a "rough and ready" finish to them, so expect small marks and hairline marks in the finish.
  • Without a doubt the most realistic gas powered single action cowboy-style revolver available on the airsoft market.
  • This King Arms SAA model has a full metal construction with removable shells.
  • The ergonomic polymer grips are imitation wood with a realistic wood grain finish and lets the operator grasp tight and control the revolver.
  • This version is the 6" barrel, Electroplating black-finished version.
  • Aside from the grips, every part of the pistol is metal including the trigger, hammer, outer barrel and frame, cylinder, cylinder latch, inner barrel and extractor rod.
  • The revolver ships with six full-sized metal shells which are completely removable. Each shell holds a single BB.
  • Pulling the trigger cycles the cylinder counter-clockwise, with gas forcing the BB down the barrel. 
  • There is no hop-up system but it has a brass internal barrel in 6.03mm inner diameter which makes the shooting trajectory more accurate.
  • Like the real-steel model, half cocking the hammer and then flipping open the loading latch allow you to remove the shells, one by one by rotating the cylinder. The working extractor rod below the barrel is full functioning, kicking out each shell when the loading latch is open.
  • Comes in a nice cloth bag.
  • A fantastic pistol for the collectors.
  • Spare shells can be found here.
  • Fires at: 300fps
  • Weighs: 995g
  • Length: 320mm

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