Specna Arms H21 EDGE 2.0

Specna Arms H21 EDGE 2.0
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SA-H21 EDGE 2.0 ™ carbine replica

EDGE 2.0 ™ is an improved line of Specna Arms replicas which combines a range of solutions and technologies difficult to find in other replicas on the market. It is a line that focuses on very good external performance, solutions increasing the replica's universality, extending its life, facilitating failure diagnostics, and susceptibility to power tuning. You get a replica in which you do not have to make any modifications, but if you want - they will be fabulously simple.

Every element of the replica was made and fitted with attention to detail. The body is finished with Nano Coating to prevent scratches. The receiver has deep engraved Specna Arms markings and an individual serial number. Noteworthy is specially profiled, ergonomic pistol grip and dummy of the Bolt-Catch mechanism.

The SA-H21 EDGE 2.0 ™ carbine replica is equipped with a front rail with 22mm RIS mounting system. The barrel ends with a standard muzzle mounted on a 14mm CCW thread. The fixed front and rear sights are adjustable.

Inside the replica, there is a factory-fitted advanced optic control system from the GATE company - for further specification, see below.

The replica has mounted a 6.03mm diameter inner barrel, which ensures high accuracy and repeatability of shots. A new type rotary Hop-Up chamber cooperates with the barrel, which allows very precise and stable adjustment.

The replica uses the ESA2 ™, a quick spring change system. It allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the replica's power to the actual conditions in the field without using the tools - just unscrew the stock tube to gain access to spring. You do not have to pull out or open the gearbox.

The advantages of the ESA2 ™ system are difficult to overestimate. The ESA2 ™ system allows you to replace the mainspring in a few seconds, and adapt the replica's muzzle velocity to the gameplay area. It guarantees the perfect compromise between fire efficiency and your own and other players' safety. In the box with a replica, there is also a second mainspring M90, which is the best solution for indoor games.

The ORION Gearbox is the heart of the replica. It is based on a reinforced skeleton and equipped with the mainspring release function. The replica has several high-quality parts, thanks to which is ready for further tuning. ORION Gearbox is ready to work with M140 springs. Inside are mounted such elements as:

- reinforced polymer piston with full steel rack
- sealed aluminum nozzle
- the aluminum cylinder head
- double-sealed aluminum piston head with bearings
- bearing spring guide
- a set of steel gears
- 8mm ball bearings

The replica also uses a powerful, efficient High Torque motor equipped with powerful neodymium magnets. The motor has a 22TPA (Turn Per Arm) winding and can easily handle stronger springs than those included in the set.

The ASTER ™ system is the younger brother of the well-known TITAN ™ unit. This fourth generation of AEG control systems has been designed for most electric replicas equipped with V2 gearbox. ASTER ™ will allow you to achieve maximum reliability while maintaining an attractive price. This system is characterized by an extremely favorable price-performance ratio.

Thanks to the ASTER ™ system, you can improve the replica by replacing the contacts with an advanced controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, which offers as many as 250 trigger sensitivity settings. Quick response to the trigger and many other useful functions will allow you to achieve an advantage on the airsoft battlefield. An intelligent fuse protects the battery, motor, and controller, even when the battery is reversed. This feature, together with optical sensors, make ASTER ™ the most durable drop-in system on the market today.

ASTER ™ gives new possibilities:

- protection against reverse battery polarity
- innovative optical sensors
- 250 trigger sensitivity settings
- configurable via the replica trigger or GATE Control Station application
- built-in RGB LED for easy programming of the system

The set includes:
- replica
- 2 x S-MAG mid-cap magazine
- additional main spring M90
- user manual
- certificate
- GATE ASTER diagnostic card

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