WE Europe WE712 M712 Broomhandle Gas Pistol

WE Europe WE712 M712 Broomhandle Gas Pistol
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The M712 is the successor to the legendary WW1 era Mauser C.96 semi-automatic pistol and carbine. To be accurate, this particular offering from WE Europe is a replica of one of the near-countless Chinese clones M712 pistols made from the 1940s through to the 1970s, as demonstrated by the Chinese markings and its gloss black finish. One of the more notable features of this pistol is the removable stock and carry case combination. Simply sliding and locking firmly into place, the stock allows you to wield the M712 as a carbine. The hollow stock can be used as a holster, by running your belt through the loops on the stock, or it can be used as a carry case when the Pistol is not in use. The stock and the pistol grip feature some of the best faux-wood around; externally they are almost indistinguishable from the real wooden components. WE have captured the colours and grain-effects of real wood so accurately that the only real give-away that the wood isn't real is the light weight. However, the real ace up the WE712's sleeve is its select-fire ability. Just like the real M712, a toggle-switch allows users to set the pistol to fully-automatic, capable of emptying the extended 27 round magazined at an astonishing, and surprisingly fun rate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we would recommend fitting the stock if you plan to use this function, if you want to actually hit your target. The pistol is supplied with an extended 27 round magazine, however the M712 is fully compatible with WE's standard 10 round Mauser type gas magazines. Although the M712 arrived too late to see use in WW1, it's predecessor the iconic original Semi-Automatic C96 was widely used on both sides; Re-enactors and Airsofters can use the M712 as a stand-in C96 quite legitimately, albeit using the shorter Standard magazine. The C96 was also supplied with an identical stock/carry case. Whether you're a collector after an interesting and unique replica, a historical re-enactor in need of a period-accurate pistol, or if you simply want something that's different, WE's M712 is a wonderful gas blowback replica pistol.

Other Features: 

  • Dual purpose pistol / carbine 
  • Can be used as a primary Airsoft weapon or sidearm 
  • Removable stock 
  • Stock can function as a carry case or holster
  • Fully automatic capable pistol
  • Gas blowback airsoft pistol
  • Faux wood grips
  • Lanyard loop
  • Stock sling mount / holster belt loop
  • Range adjustable rear sight; ladder type
  • Separate safety and fire mode selectors 
  • Locks back when empty
  • Crisp and snappy trigger response
  • Blank firing adaptor to allow dry-cycling

Package Includes:

  • WE712 Broomhandle Gas Pistol 
  • Stock/Holster/Carry Case
  • Magazine
  • Blank Firing Adaptor
  • Lanyard Loop Ring Adaptor
  • Manual

Special Instructions:

When using the Fire-Selector, the push-button on the lever must be pressed before the Selector will move. 

Please note the magazine must be removed prior to storing the pistol in the Stock/Carry Case, as the supplied Extended Magazine is too long to fit.

Due to the mechanism of the Safety and External Hammer, in order to store the M712 in it's Stock / Carry Case, the Safety must be set to 'Fire'. When in 'Safe', the Hammer extends backwards slightly, preventing the Case Lid from closing. 

The Pistol is supplied with a Magazine Adaptor to allow the pistol to properly cycle when unloaded. This allows the M712 to be used in Dramatic Productions or Historical Re-enactment, rather than a blank-firing pistol. These are not replacement magazine followers. 

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