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The Luger is easily one of the most iconic, and instantly recognisable pistols in the world. Dating back to WWII, it has an unusual slide design, which has been faithfully reproduced in this replica

Manufactured by WE, the P08 M is the mid-size barrel length. Powered by green gas (we recommend a minimum of 130 PSI gas), this heavyweight pistol only has 15 rounds.

In the modern world, especially of airsoft, it's not practical. But that's not why you're here reading this description - you're reading it because it's a luger, and that's what matters! The slide reciprocating upward rather than back, the beautiful design, the unusual styling...a piece of history!

As a gas powered replica, the P08 has a lot of moving parts. Maintenance is essential, however disassembly of these pistols is tricky - it is not recommended to take apart unless you are comfortable with other GBB pistols, and there are small parts that can be easily lost

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Yes
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 15
Length 22cm
Weight 1kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Silver
Hop up Adjustable


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