VORSK VP-X Black/Chrome Twin Pack

VORSK VP-X Black/Chrome Twin Pack
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The VORSK VP-X is based on the 1911 Platform, but features some modern externals that bring the platform into the 21st Century. It is almost completely constructed from Alloy, which brings it to a realistic weight and a great feel in the hand. The Pistol Grip Covers have been made from Polymer to closer match the real thing, and features a diamond texture pattern to improve grip, looks and feel. This double pack offering from VORSK offers a massive saving over buying two separate Pistols, as it comes supplied with 2 x Standard Gas Magazines, but ALSO 2 x Extended Gas Magazines, sending you well on your way to dominating your Airsoft site with dual-wield 1911s. I suppose you could also split the cost between a friend and take a Pistol each, but where's the fun in that?

The main feature of the VP-X is the aggressive Compensator on the end of the Barrel, which makes this Pistol ideal for Punisher/Hitman loadouts. The rear Ironsight is a V-Notch design that is easy to use and precise, and can be removed completely on the BDS Model, to allow the installation of a Red Dot Sight. Other external features include a Drilled Trigger (which is mainly for looks), a Flared Magwell that will guide your Magazines into place for faster reloads, a Skeletonised Hammer and serrations/texturing on the Slide and Frame to improve handling of the Pistol.

A Slide Lock Safety can be found on the rear of the Slide, which will prevent the Slide from moving and also prevents the Trigger from being pulled. A Beavertail Safety at the back of the Pistol Grip means that the Pistol can't be fired unless it is being gripped properly, which will go a long way to prevent an accidental discharge.

Internally, the Pistol has a 6.03mm Inner Barrel and a Gear-type Adjustable HOP Unit which can be found by removing the Slide. To do this, first remove the Magazine and move the Slide backwards until the cutout on the Slide is aligned with the Slide Release. Push the Slide Release out from the Frame and remove it completely. Cycle the Slide and the it should run straight off the Frame, allowing access to the internals and HOP Adjustment. Reverse these steps to replace the Slide.

If you're looking for a menacing pair of Pistols to slide around your local CQB arena with, or you want to split the cost of new Pistols with a friend, then this Double Pack offering from VORSK was made for you!


  • Pack of Two Pistols
  • Four Magazines Included
  • 2 x 15rnd Gas Magazines
  • 2 x 36rnd Gas Magazines
  • Split the Cost w/ a Friend
  • Gas Blowback Pistols
  • 1911 Platform Replicas
  • Alloy Construction
  • Polymer Pistol Grips
  • Aggressive Compensator
  • 6.03mm Inner Barrel
  • Drilled Trigger
  • Skeletonised Hammer
  • Diamond Textured Grips
  • Available in Range of Colours
  • Serrations of Slide & Frame
  • Ambidextrous Slide Lock Safety
  • Beavertail Style Safety
  • Flared Magazine Well
  • Accepts RAVEN MEU Magazines
  • Available with or without Red Dot Sight
  • V-Notch Ironsights
  • PVC Vorsk Patch Included
  • Accepts CO2 & Green Gas Mags

Package Includes

  • VORSK VP-X Black/Chrome Double Pack
  • 2 x 15rnd Green Gas Magazines
  • 2 x 36rnd Green Gas Magazines
  • User Manual
  • Spare Parts
  • PVC Patch

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