Specna Arms SA-G12 AR36 Carbine EBB Rifle, Black

Specna Arms SA-G12 AR36 Carbine EBB Rifle, Black
Product Code: Specna Arms SA-G12 AR36 Carbine EBB Rifle, Black
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Created by Specna Arms as part of their SA-G series of rifles this AR36 clone is constructed mainly from polymer just like the real thing, with a polymer hand guard, receiver, stock and magazine, with alloy outer barrel, rails, and internals.

Internally the weapon features all the hallmark features of a modern Airsoft replica, with an electronic trigger, quick change spring system, and front wiring system, with the addition of an Electronic Blow-back system, designed to add realism to the weapon by lightly simulating recoil to give the user feedback when the weapon fires. The electric blowback system works by connecting the charging handle to the internal moving parts of the gearbox meaning that when the weapon is fired the charging handle comes back, adding a slight bit of recoil and making a satisfying clacking noise which really makes you stand out from the crowd.

Externally the weapon features everything people have come to expect from a AR36, with a folding stock which locks closed, front and rear sling loop points and integrated ironsights. The weapon features multiple rails for attaching aftermarket parts and accessories, with a full length 20mm RIS / RAS top rail (the most popular type of rail on the market) which gives the player the ability to attach large sights and scopes, as well as holographic sights and magnifiers. The hand guard also features short 20mm RIS / RAS rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions for attaching grips, lasers and torches, and the weapon even comes packaged with a vertical fore-grip to get you started.

This weapon also features a full ambidextrous system, meaning that the weapon can be used by both right handed and left handed shooters, with an ambidextrous fire select system and magazine release. This not only makes it great for left and right handed users, but also means you can transition shoulders whilst in CQB games without having to transition back to your standard position to reload, giving you a speed advantage in CQB environments.

This Airsoft weapon is perfect for those players who are looking for a high quality weapon, with

  • Electronic Trigger
  • Quick Change Spring
  • Electric Blowback Rifle

extra added levels of realism thanks to the electric blowback system. The weapon is perfect for both new and old Airsoft skirmishers, being a highly popular weapon of choice for people new to the sport.


  • Created by Specna Arms
  • Part of the Specna Arms SA-G Series of rifles
  • Electric Blowback system for extra realism
  • Blowback system lightly simulates recoil
  • Quick change spring system
  • Front wired V3 EBB gearbox
  • Electronic trigger system
  • Polymer bodied, just like the real weapon
  • 350rnd high capacity semi-transparent wheel wound magazine
  • Removable Flash Hider 14mm CCW
  • 14mm CCW Threaded outer barrel for attaching Silencers and Tracer Units
  • Top 20mm RIS / RAS Rail with integrated ironsights
  • Functional mock charging handle which reveals access to the hop-up unit
  • Removable magazine well for swapping with magazine adaptors
  • Paddle style ambidextrous magazine release
  • Railed hand-guard with 20mm RIS / RAS Rails at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock
  • Battery stored in the handguard
  • Folding stock for transport and storage
  • Rubberised butt plate to prevent slippage
  • Foregrip included
  • Ambidextrous fire select system
  • Warranty sticker sealed gearbox
  • Adjustable hop-up system for range and accuracy

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