JG Steyr AUG assault rifle JG0448A

JG Steyr AUG assault rifle JG0448A
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Small arms in a bull-pup format has a long tradition and as many supporters as skeptics. One of the advantages of this type of construction, however, is difficult to argue against – it is possible to use a very long and effective barrel, while maintaining a relatively compact dimensions of the snap hook. You also can not forget the aesthetic – bull-pups are simply characteristics and not the way they are unmistakable. JG presents a new airsoft replica of one of the most popular Steyr AUG assault rifle native of Austria.

As in the original weapon, the body replica is made of a strong, polymeric plastics material. It has been partially covered with a rough, non-slip texture, thereby increasing the grip. Metal used to manufacture the entire front of the replica with the barrel exterior and telescope, as well as small parts such as flap ejection, or flash suppressor.

The battery is housed inside the stock Simply remove the rubber foot. You do not need any tools for this, because it is mounted ‘push-fit’. A few seconds it takes the distribution of the entire rifle into two parts – when you want, eg. To get to the hop-up chamber and inner barrel. To do this, you only need to press a metal pin – lock, and then expand the structure into 2 parts – the body and part of the front of the telescope and barrel.

The rifle does not have a traditional fire selector – instead find here a two-stage drain unit, the shallower Pressing a single shot, while deeper – continuous fire. The fuse is located at the pistol grip and can be operated on both sides. At the front, under the barrel, there is a characteristic of this rifle, folding, 3-position vertical foregrip.

The same mechanism is based on a v.3 gearbox. Tightness, the quality of parts and their good fitting will ensure good performance and high service life of the system. Long, 510mm inner barrel makes the replica will give up to keep the fire at further distances. At the same time the entire length of the replicas is only 805mm, which makes it a very compact tool that will not cause any problem for handling in CQB conditions, indoors, vehicles, etc.

Included hi-cap magazine holding 330 BBs.

The kit includes the battery and charger.

The set includes:

– rifle
– magazine
– Ni-MH battery 1050 mAh 8.4V
– battery charger
– user manual

Made of: Metal + plastic
Velocity [FPS]: 320 FPS (approx)
Powered by: Electric
Gearbox version: v3 Gearbox
Type of fire: Single, auto
Lenght [mm]: 805
Inner barrel length [mm]: 510
Weight [g]: 3260
Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]: 330
Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable
Blow Back: No
Battery included: No

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